Your furniture customised for you only

In addition to the human aspect, we bring great value to the craft of woodworking: our passion.

Each piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is unique because it is made to the customer’s personalized dimensions. Kasaïs is therefore looking for exclusive partnerships, on the long term and on a human scale to continue to be able to offer this personalized service.

The collections

All our collections are available to the customer's personalized dimensions.


Furniture available with natural oil treatment


Brushed furniture available. The roughness of the wood created with this type of finish accentuates the grain of the wood.


Furniture treated with a transparent varnish.

Solid wood

Furniture available in 100% solid wood.


Furniture available with a rustic finish: in a rough state, containing imperfections.


Recycled wood from existing constructions


Optional: removable or recessed spotlights

Metallic sections

Choice between square metal sections of 15mm or 20mm

Sustainable forest management

Furniture available in 100% FSC. This represents an option and increases the price by 10%.

About us

A family business passionate about interior design where the father, graphic designer, and the son, architect, make creation their priority.

This is why Kasaïs develops endlessly each piece of furniture in each collection. The strength of this workshop is to be able to customize the finishes, dimensions and layouts according to the wishes of customers. A beauty for everyone! Each piece of furniture becomes a unique model.

Do you manage a furniture store?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to work together and thus offer our collections in your catalog.

Do you manage a store and share the same values ​​as Kasaïs?