Our history

Back in our story...

In 2000, Damien Claeys decided to design and manufacture his own furniture, with his team, to face the increasingly important Asian competition.

The Carpathian region in Romania, renowned for its forests, has welcomed Kasaïs from the beginning. Transylvania is, in fact, a place rich in oaks and pines and renowned for the quality of its technical know-how.
The furniture workshop in Botosani quickly surrounded himself with the best makers in the area. Quality work, in a trusting atmosphere, is the essence of the Kasaïs family.

Over 15 years of experience at your service

The “cottage” atmosphere was trendy at the beginning; Kasaïs therefore began to manufacture this type of furniture. Currently, Kasaïs has developed collections that meet the latest trends but always with the spirit of “customised furniture” to fully meet the wishes of the client.
Kasaïs is therefore in constant questioning to try to satisfy the customer according to new trends. The key to Kasaïs’ success comes from the fact that its primary objective is to make each customer unique thanks to the concept of customising.

The importance of our values

Humanity and ecology

We have always wanted to maintain long-term working relationships by promoting trust.

That’s why the people who started the experience with us are still working at Kasaïs, because we are a company that takes people into account.
These same people have been carrying out the Kasaïs project since its inception, in a constructive working relationship, and they are the ones we want to thank.

A society that takes into account the human

But in addition to the human aspect, we bring great value to the artisanal work of wood which has become a passion.
This is why each piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is unique because it is made to the customer’s personalized wish. Kasaïs is therefore looking for exclusive partnerships, on the long term and on a human scale, to continue to be able to offer this personalized service.

Obviously, we bring great importance to developing ourselves with respect of the environment, which is why we work with partners who respect these ideas. Our wood therefore comes from responsible plantations that meet European standards. We also offer the possibility of having furniture with the FSC label and some of our furniture can also be oiled to avoid the use of varnish. Finally, we pay attention of having an eco-responsible management of our business.

Inspiration and design

From father to son

Due to their different backgrounds, Damien Claeys having done graphic design at Saint Luc Brussels, and Benjamin Claeys architecture at La Cambre, a great sensitivity to design has always been part of their life.

In his early days, Damien Claeys worked a whole series of “cottage” furniture, which he designed and made in his own workshop. Subsequently, he began to develop new models inspired by the evolution of the fashions represented at major European furniture fairs.
From 2014, Benjamin Claeys has been part of the company and began by refining and completing the different collections to adapt them to the evolution of current finish and quality requirements.

“We have coherent collections, each with a particular style. This is why we have a modernist collection, an industrial collection, a “vintage” collection, a “raw wood” collection and a “cottage” collection. Currently, we are still developing new models inspired by trends and technical innovations in different materials. It is therefore obvious that we visit the fairs of Milan, Cologne and Paris every year. ”

– Benjamin


The importance of ecology

Transylvania is a region of Romania formed by plateaus, depressions and valleys

It is limited to the south and east by the arc formed by the vast Carpathian peak, which rises to 2,543 meters. In the outer regions of the North and West, we find the city of Timișoara, an area with large forests and where the wood of Kasaïs comes from. This is produced in a local sawmill and promotes responsible exploitation, favoring the short circuit.